VBR provides authorized tests, repairs and overhauls for critical gas turbine parts as valves (Meggitt), starters (Vickers/Eaton) and clutches (Hilliard). We also provide effective alternative repairs for fuel pumps (Moog).

Various repair services

When problems occur nothing beats our LM gas turbine repair services. With these services VBR Turbine Partners provides inspection of suspect components and repair or replacement of malfunctioning parts. VBR takes care of the entire maintenance of General Electric LM1600, LM2500(+), LM5000 and LM6000 aero-derivative gas turbines and their control systems, auxiliary systems and packages.

Fuel Valves

VBR is the authorized OEM overhaul facility for Meggitt / Whittaker Controls valves. Specially trained and dedicated maintenance engineers perform certified full service overhauls on Meggitt / Whittaker Controls staging valves, CDP valves, isolation valves. For more on this, please check our distributorship for Meggitt.

Air & Hydraulic Starters

VBR provides overhauls with new OEM replacement parts to restore the full integrity of your Vickers / Eaton / Dynapower / Stratopower hydraulic starters. For your air and gas driven Garrett / Allied Signal / Honeywell starters, VBR can supply a complete new starter re-build and fully tested to the OEM specifications.


The Hilliard overrunning clutches are essential to any LM2500, LM2500+ and LM6000 operation. VBR holds stock of a wide variety of these clutches. A fast OEM turnaround of your damaged clutch is guaranteed. Your clutch is repaired to zero hours condition and has a full life ahead.

Fuel pumps

VBR provides repairs and overhauls for fuel pumps manufactured by Woodward, Moog and Young & Franklin.

Need cost-effective repairs?

These new OEM recommended Meggitt valves are fully interchangeable with your current Honeywell bleed air valves in form, fit & function and they fully comply with the OEM specifications on the flow versus stroke.