The right decisions at the right time

Every day gas turbine plant managers, operators & maintenance engineers face many decisions on how to run their plant in the best possible way. The profitability of a gas turbine operation depends largely on the quality of the day-to-day decision making by all these people involved.

Prevent engine downtime with SMART recommendations

DECIDE remote decision support provides SMART and EASY to understand recommendations that enable GT operation & maintenance managers to take the right decisions at the right time every time again.

Added value of DECIDE:

Extend service intervals
Higher gas turbine revenues
More confidence in entire operation
Increase plant safety
Reduce unscheduled outages
Lower costs for operation & maintenance
Reduce downtime during outages
Less risk of management liability

Enhanced Decision Making with Smart Diagnostics

What is DECIDE?

DECIDE is a remote decision support service for effective management of Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance from a long term perspective.

What does DECIDE do?

It delivers practical and easy to understand recommendations, dashboards & reports to accelerate & improve decision making in Gas Turbine plant management.

What is the purpose?

The main purpose of DECIDE is to improve your engine uptime by preventing unscheduled engine stops & engine downtime.

The right decisions at the right time

Not too early
Not too late
At the best possible moment

DECIDE remote decision support process

1: Cybersecure connect and collect

Connect & collect all relevant engine data.

2: Analysis & diagnostics

Automated analysis & intelligent diagnostics to transform raw engine data into useful information & smart alarm management.

3: Professional interpretation

Professional interpretation to draw conclusions from the information & insights gained.

4: Recommendations

Feedback to customers by recommendations, easy to understand dashboards & periodic reports.