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Overhaul consultancy

Independent engine overhaul consultants enable gas turbine owners to achieve the best possible price-to-performance ratio on the overhaul of their engines.

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Major savings on engine overhauls

Engine overhauls are the biggest assault on a gas turbine maintenance budget. Because of the high costs a competitive tender and accurate process control can lead to major savings. Independent LM gas turbine consulting enables gas turbine owners & operators to achieve both quality benefits and cost savings on their engine overhauls.

VBR Turbine Partners provides independent engine overhaul consultancy services to support gas turbine owners & operators to realize the best possible price/performance ratio on the overhaul of their engine.

Optimal decision making

Extensive experience with spare parts supply, repair and overhaul has made VBR a competence center in the field of operation and maintenance of General Electric LM aero-derivative gas turbines. VBR overhaul consultants are former key executives of GE authorized overhaul facilities (GE Rheden, MTU Berlin-Brandenburg). Consequently VBR is able to define an optimal overhaul workscope for your engine. For each component the most economical method to achieve the intended objectives for your specific bussiness situation are determined. This way VBR helps gas turbine owners & operators to understand which costs in an overhaul process are inevitable and which costs are avoidable or can be reduced. VBR’s engine overhaul consultancy services enable smart decision making and full process control at our customers.

Service overview

Our gas turbine overhaul services include:

  • Determining the preliminary overhaul workscope
  • Preparation of the request for quotation
  • Evaluation of the proposals submitted by the depots
  • Establishment of the overhaul workscope
  • Determination at the overhaul shop of the most economical intervention (repair, overhaul, replacement with new or used) for each scope component. Wherever we recommend a more cost effective solution than the overhaul shop we align to find the best solution.
  • Monitoring of the shop work on the engine, providing regular feedback about progress
  • Monitoring of the testing of the engine
  • Evaluation of the entire overhaul process
  • Assessment of the final overhaul invoice


Our gas turbine overhaul services include:

  • Better understanding of the whole process which enables better decision making
  • Major costs savings
  • Best possible price/performance ratio on your engine overhaul
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