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On-site hot section exchange provides significant reductions in exchange costs and turnaround times. It also ensures greater control over the actions taken to repair your engine.

Repairs at your location can be performed at significantly lower costs. Shipping your engine to an OEM licensed overhaul depot decreases your influence over the repair process.

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Major impact of a hot section exchange

The major share of gas turbine maintenance budgets are consumed by engine overhauls and hot section exchanges. The standard procedure for hot section exchange as advised by the OEM requires a operations shut down, removal and shipment of the engine to an OEM licensed depot. In order to maintain production, alternative arrangements must be put in place. Such arrangement could be the installation of a lease engine. Re-installation of your overhauled engine with the new hot section will require a further shut down.

The extensive planning and work involved is a costly and time consuming procedure that can be significantly reduced by our on-site services.

On-site exchange

VBR Turbine Partners provides an alternative to the conventional method. On-site hot section inspection and exchange services may be the answer you need. VBR has the expertise, capabilities and experience to exchange a hot section on-site.  Inspection, cleaning and replacement can form part of this process. An on-site exchange requires only one shut down. The result is less disruption to production and it is normally faster. Besides this it comes without the associated additional temporary engine hire, cranage and transport costs.  Therefore an on-site exchange of the hot section is more cost-effective.

When the old hot section is no longer adequate, VBR can advise about possible solutions for client’s specific business purposes (both economical and technical). This way gas turbine owners & operators can make well-informed decisions about the most cost-effective solution for their specific requirements.

The alternative to buying a brand new hot section is the overhaul of your removed hot section.  This will take time and possibly necessitating the lease of a temporary hot section. A faster and more cost effective way is to exchange the hot section with serviceable hot section from our stock.  Another possible solution is to use our hot section for a period until we have finished overhauling your own hot section. In this way you are able to save money for leasing a temporary engine or engine part. VBR can also provide help with support refurbishing or selling the used hot section.


  • shorter turnaround time (TAT)
  • shorter total down times
  • cost effective hot section replacement
  • reduction in on-site disruption
  • improved control over hot section replacement
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