Every engine in operation needs spare parts for scheduled and unscheduled engine stops.
Strategic spare parts management can reduce the downtime of an engine after a scheduled or unscheduled stop and can reduce spare part purchasing & stocking costs in a sustainable way.
VBR provides strategic spare parts management services to improve engine reliability, availability & maintainability. This will avoid unnecessary spare part purchasing & stocking costs and unnecessary engine outage times.

The benefits

Strategic spare parts management will reduce both the amount of the unscheduled engine stops and the total down time of an engine. This means:

Improved availability of the gas turbine;
Shorter Improved reliability of the gas turbine;
Improved revenue generating potential of the gas turbine.

Cost reduction by effective purchasing decisions

Strategic spare parts management will also contribute to a significant cost reduction in the procurement of gas turbine spare parts by taking more effective purchasing decisions:

  • Regarding the purchasing of internal and external gas turbine spare parts;
  • Regarding the purchasing of very critical, medium critical & non critical parts;
  • Regarding the required origin and the required condition of spare parts;
  • Regarding the required spare part supplier and required purchasing conditions.

Therefore the implementation of professional strategic spare parts management will contribute substantially to improvement of the profitability of your gas turbine operation.


The implementation of true strategic spare parts planning will contribute substantially to the profitability of any gas turbine operation.

More information?

Download a presentation about strategic spare parts planning by Jeroen van Veldhuizen, CEO of VBR Turbine Partners: