Different types of gas turbine operation require different kinds of maintenance strategies to ensure reliable and cost effective operation throughout the equipment life cycle.

From reactive to proactive solutions

VBR Turbine Partners supports GE LM users to reduce total cost of ownership by enabling a shift from time based maintenance to condition based maintenance. This is achieved by defining and identifying maintenance indicators, resources, objectives, costs and ROI. By holding these key performance indicators against your specific business situation and requirements, operators can plan their long-term maintenance strategies in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Optimal planning (both practical and financial) of maintenance will result in a strategic maintenance plan, which can become part of a maintenance agreement.

Condition monitoring

Although condition monitoring it is no requirement for a good maintenance plan, it is this intelligent monitoring that enables the shift from time based to condition based maintenance.

At VBR Turbine Partners we have an in-depth knowledge of how gas turbines operate and of the impact of various key parameters on the wear and efficiency of an engine. From a maintenance perspective, we analyse inspection results and insights gained from condition monitoring of the gas turbines and its subsystems with our DECIDE remote maintenance support. In this way VBR can predict when certain engine problems will most likely arise so adequate maintenance activities can be scheduled well in advance.

Defining an optimum maintenance process

After gathering and analysing all the data, VBR in conjunction with the customer can determine the optimal time to perform required maintenance activities. Conducting the maintenance can be based on factors such as the customers’ operating conditions, priorities, risk appetite, resource availability, market demand and rates, etc. We define the optimum maintenance process in order to achieve minimal business process interruptions and lowest costs. The outcome of this consultation and coordination process will be captured in a strategic maintenance plan.