VBR LM2500 gas turbine – available for lease

We would like to inform you that VBR Turbine Partners are in the enviable position of having an LM 2500 Gas Turbine available for immediate lease. We understand that you may have a contract with an alternative supplier however we are able to provide this lease Gas Turbine at a highly cost competitive advantage. Whatever your lease requirement, whether that’s short or long term we can accommodate and support your needs.

LM2500 lease option​

  • LM 2500 Gas Turbine & Power Turbine available immediately and separately

A trust worthy proposition

  • The Gas Turbine has a recorded service history and is in a serviceable condition for lease purposes

Full installation service​

  • Installation and commissioning will be carried out by VBR engineers, inclusive consumables

On-site support options​

  • Required Gas Turbine auxiliaries (such as; fuel system, starter, etc), will be transferred to the lease at site

VBR on-site hot section exchange & repair services

Our on-site hot section exchange services include specialized consultants, dedicated mechanical engineers, all required hot section exchange tooling and most required replacement parts for all LM2500(+) engine configurations.

VBR Turbine Partners is a one-stop full service provider for on-site hot section exchanges and repairs. Reduce engine downtime and lower the costs.

The benefits

Quicker turnaround time
Reduce engine downtime
Lower the costs
Wide repair / supplier network available
Experienced to increase repair yield
Reduce overall costs
OEM authorized parts & repair facility
Alternative parts & repairs


  • LM2500 Base SAC / DLE
  • LM2500 Plus SAC / DLE
  • LM2500 Plus G4 SAC / DLE
  • On-site hot section exchange / engine exchange with dedicated engineers & tooling


  • SAC Combustor
  • HPT Nozzle assembly stg.1
  • HPT Nozzle assembly stg.2 (+DLE)
  • HPT Rotor (+DLE)
  • VBR has a complete LM2500 Base SAC rotable hot section available