VBR Turbine Partners provides a customer helpdesk for all questions related to the day-to-day operation & maintenance of industrial General Electric LM gas turbines, control and auxiliary systems.

Direct access to knowledge

Get direct access to all our knowledge as a specialized and dedicated LM competence center.
All client operators, engineers & mechanics can now benefit from the knowledge and practical skills aquired by VBR. We have years of expierence fine-tuning aero-derivative gas turbines and preventing & solving the issues with gas turbines.

Questions can be related to one of our services or to the spare parts that we supply, but this is not a prerequisite. Questions related to operation & maintenance can be asked of our team of highly skilled engineers. For this service, we provide help desk maintenance agreements.

Utilizing our helpdesk is a great solution for gas turbine operators who require a greater understanding of specific turbine behavior to take appropriate actions related to the daily operation or maintenance of the engine.

DECIDE remote maintenance support

The efficiency of our helpdesk support combines with VBR’s DECIDE remote maintenance support system is proven to provide superiour results.

This intelligent diagnostic solution is based on a remote and secure login through which key parameters and disruptions of the gas turbine are monitored and analysed. This is done with the primary purpose of providing advice how to fine-tune maintenance to increase reliability and availability. For example, where a gas turbine operator cannot properly understand certain recurring alarms on the HMI he now can contact the helpdesk and our engineers can identify the most likely causes of these alarms. In this way our engineers can provide operators the recommended corrective actions to take to resolve the issue.