//RAPID remote maintenance support

RAPID remote maintenance support

VBR Turbine Partners provides RAPID remote maintenance support, an intelligent diagnostic solution to optimize gas turbine operation & maintenance management. The condition of gas turbines is monitored and analyzed to make risks more controllable.

Implementing RAPID remote maintenance support will increase revenues and reduce costs in a sustainable way. Service intervals can be extended because planning of maintenance will be condition-based rather than just periodically.

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Condition monitoring with RAPID

RAPID stands for ‘Improving gas turbine Reliability, Availability & Performance through Intelligent Diagnostics’. This approach was developed by VBR and is continuously further refined based on our expertise on gas turbine maintenance, advanced gas turbine control systems and our in-depth knowledge of information & communication technology.

Key parameters and disruptions of the gas turbine are monitored and analyzed in order to fine-tune maintenance and to increase reliability and availability.

A fine example of condition monitoring is the use of GasTOPS MetalSCAN, a superior solution for early detection of bearing damage.

Operating principles

RAPID remote maintenance support is based on a remote and secure login. VBR regularly collects and analyzes all key parameters of the gas turbine in terms of maintenance so our experienced engineers (both I&C and mechanical) are able to determine:

  • what kind of operation is preferred
  • what kind of maintenance should be applied within what period
  • which maintenance interventions are required and when
  • which operation & maintenance decisions will be most effective.

Intelligent operation & maintenance decision support

In combination with our expertise, the data and analyzes enable us to provide intelligent operation & maintenance decision support. We compare actual data with data from a simulator from the same gas turbine under the same conditions. When deviations occur, our engineers identify the most likely causes. Regularly, key figures and recommendations are reported to the client. Subsequently, if recommendations are considered, we calculate which investments will lead to which savings due to increase of availability and life span. The related planning can be elaborated in a strategic maintenance plan.

Increasing impact over time

Our service provides both operational and strategic benefits.

  • Short-term it will immediately detect changes in engine behavior. This will enable us or the operator (if needed with guidance) to intervene before a malfunction occurs.
  • Mid-term it allows to thoroughly determine which interventions to include in scheduled maintenance.
  • Long-term it allows to develop a maintenance management strategy.

Of course, the longer we monitor a certain gas turbine, the faster we recognize symptoms and the faster we can deduce causes.

Additional services

The monitoring, collecting and analyzing of the data ensures that we have a thorough knowledge of your machine. This enables us to provide gas turbine operators & maintenance engineers with:

  • dedicated education & training
  • highly efficient helpdesk functionality.

These services reduce the amount of misjudgments and unsubstantiated decisions. This is what we want to achieve with our solution Human error reduction.


Implementation of RAPID remote maintenance support offers the following benefits:

  • increased gas turbine availability, reliability and performance
  • reduced gas turbine operation costs
  • reduced gas turbine maintenance costs
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