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Mechanical field service

Well trained and experienced mechanical maintenance engineers will reduce total engine downtime in case of a scheduled or unscheduled stop.

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Gas turbines in operation require regular inspection, troubleshooting, problem solving and repair or replacement of defective parts to ensure ongoing effective operation over time.

VBR Turbine Partners provides LM gas turbine mechanical field service to improve the reliability, availability, performance & maintainability of LM gas turbines in a cost-effective way. We provide our full portfolio of maintenance improvement solutions & services to clients in Europe, Russia, the Middle East & Africa and we provide our knowledge services (consultancy, training & remote) and gas turbine spare parts to customers all over the world.

Excellent troubleshooting & problem solving

VBR provides well trained & very experienced mechanical field service engineers with excellent troubleshooting & problem solving capabilities to reduce engine downtime in case of a scheduled or unscheduled engine stop. Short timelines for emergency call-outs can be arranged through our maintenance agreements. Our engineers are equipped with an extensive kit of LM tooling and replacement parts to solve problems as much as possible on-the-spot to prevent unneccesary downtime. These tooling kits have become very popular with our customers so VBR now also supplies these special toolkits to the maintenance staff of our customers.

With our in-depth knowledge, technical experts, experienced engineers and remote capabilities we often know how to solve disruptions as quickly as possible.


Our LM gas turbine mechanical field services include:

  • Troubleshooting / problem solving
  • Inspection, repair and replacement
  • Periodic inspection of the gas turbine unit
  • Borescope inspection (including reports)
  • Combustor – repair & replacement
  • Hot section – repair & replacement
  • Power turbine – repair & exchange
  • Compressor – repair & exchange
  • Fuel nozzle inspection & replacement
  • HPC bushings repair
  • Rigging – check & adjustment
  • VSV – schedule check & adjustment
  • LM gas turbine unit commissioning
  • LM gas turbine unit alignment
  • Auxiliary systems inspection & repair

For a more specific overview download our leaflet ‘Overview VBR technical capabilities‘.

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