Our gas turbine maintenance agreements can cover a wide range of services like field services, spare parts, consultancy and access to our helpdesk. Receive proactive protection from failures, errors and other disruptions. Maintenance agreements enable gas turbine operators to reduce the amount of unscheduled stops and to reduce the total downtime of an engine. Taking advantage of our range of gas turbine maintenance agreements is one of the best ways to help us ensure productivity, efficiency, and uninterrupted business operations, acting as fast as possible for a predictable rate.

Maintenance improvement

VBR Turbine Partners offers many 24/7 maintenance and repair services to support the continuous operation of your General Electric LM1600, LM2500(+) or LM6000 aero-derivative gas turbine. We provide several services to predict, prevent and detect wear so maintenance can be fine-tuned and planned timely. To set up a draft maintenance agreement, we consult with your management and operators to determine which of these services may be applicable and how to tailor them to your needs. As a result, the reliability and availability of your LM gas turbines will increase significantly. Long-term maintenance cost reduction will exceed your investment amply.

A diversity of services

Our gas turbine maintenance agreements can cover a wide range of services like: DECIDE remote decision support can prevent engine downtime and RAPID remote problem solving can reduce downtime in case of an unscheduled engine stop. Inspection, calibration, re-commissioning, remote monitoring & troubleshooting, updates, upgrades and retrofits for all OEM & third party LM control system hardware & software. Carried out by our well trained & very experienced mechanical field service engineers with excellent troubleshooting & problem solving capabilities. We support your gas turbine maintenance management with strategic spare parts planning, effective spare parts sourcing and professional monitoring (on your behalf) of the entire engine overhaul process in licensed shops.


With our gas turbine maintenance agreements you receive proactive protection from failures, errors, and other disruptions and priority service response. Timelines for call-out / emergency help are mutually agreed upon. Optimal planning can be elaborated in a strategic maintenance plan.