Reduce human error in gas turbine operation & maintenance by predictive operation & maintenance support and by dedicated education & training.
Our DECIDE Remote Maintenance Support, consultancy, education & training and help desk solutions will significantly reduce the costs of lost production caused by human error.

Preventable lost production

In time, Human error reduction has become a priority of VBR Turbine Partners. This view is supported by research showing that of the preventable lost production in the global process industry:

  • Approximately 58% is primarily caused by technical error;
  • Approximately 42% is primarily caused by human error
(source: ARC Advisory Group)

Operators and engineers

The tendency to assign operators that are more generalist and thus less specialized brings along the undesired side effect of increasing human error rate in gas turbine operation & maintenance decision making. Therefore VBR focuses on reducing the human error factor in gas turbine operation & maintenance by providing:

  • Intelligent operation & maintenance decision support to gas turbine operators;
  • Education and training to operators & maintenance engineers on their engines & packages;
  • Help desk functionality powered by highly skilled engineers who have access to all key parameters of the gas turbine.

RAPID remote maintenance support

The above mentioned services are part of DECIDE, an approach developed by VBR to enable reduction of the human error factor in gas turbine operation & maintenance. This approach has been designed and developed to provide gas turbine operators with a deeper understanding of the key parameters of their engine and auxiliary systems. For further information please visit the dedicated DECIDE remote maintenance support page.

Human factor

Another major factor affecting gas turbine profitability are the operators. As mentioned in our solution for Human error reduction, approximately 42% of preventable lost production in the global process industry is primarily result of human error. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the global availability and profitability of a gas turbine depends considerably on the knowledge and skills of its operators & maintenance engineers. VBR supports on-site operators, engineers & mechanics with education & training aimed at fine-tuning gas turbines for a higher efficiency preventing and solving problems. VBR also provides a help desk for real-time support.