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Control system retrofit

A control system retrofit or re-commissioning is proven to improve gas turbine reliability, increase availability. Improved control and increased maintainability over your systems will reduce gas turbine operation & maintenance costs.

Obsolete systems are a constraint for reliable operations. VBR provides retrofits of obsolete turbine controls with Woodward or Allen-Bradley plc control systems.

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Woodward and Allen-Bradley

Obsolete control systems seriously constrain gas turbine operation reliability. VBR provides retrofits of obsolete turbine controls with Woodward or Allen-Bradley plc control systems. Gas turbine control system retrofits provides owners and operators a higher level of control, reliability and availability.

The Allen Bradley plc control system can be a cost effective alternative for an OEM control system without compromising reliability or maintainability.

During the retrofit VBR provides the entire suit of hardware, software, installation & commissioning. VBR can also add training of your personnel on how to operate the new system. A well planned and prepared control system retrofit can be performed on-site in 14 consecutive working days. Our qualified and expierenced controls engineers have extensive knowledge regarding the required system configuration, commissioning and testing. They will ensure an optimal operation of the gas turbine.

Human machine Interfaces (HMIs)

When VBR implements gas turbine control system retrofits we prefer to include so-called High Performance HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) with advanced visualization options. We also can integrate the new generation HMI’s in your existing OEM control systems.


Retrofitting old or obsolete control systems brings a number of advantages:

  • prevent control system failures
  • you will become less depending on the availability of obsolete parts
  • optimize reliability, availability, performance & maintainability
  • better interfaces with more data and clearere visualizations
  • enhanced possibilities for DECIDE remote system support

A  well-performed gas turbine control system retrofit will pay itself back in only a few years time.

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