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Maintenance Solutions

VBR Turbine Partners provides a complete portfolio of maintenance solutions and services. It is our mission to improve the reliability, availability and performance of your LM gas turbine.  We deliver up time! Our expertise covers all engine types: LM1600 LM2500 and LM6000 aero derivative gas turbines and their control systems, auxiliary systems and packages.

When your operation is in jeopardy because of a failing turbine, our team of field service experts is ready to get your turbine back to service. Our 24/7 maintenance agreements  further increase reliability and up time as we will guarantee you availability of  field service engineers round the clock.

Well trained and experienced mechanical maintenance engineers will reduce total engine downtime in case of a scheduled or unscheduled stop.

Improve gas turbine reliability in a sustainable way by retrofitting obsolete control systems and by re-commissioning poorly commissioned new control systems.

Effective inspection & repair will reduce the total down time of an engine after a scheduled or unscheduled stop.

Apply smart condition monitoring & data logging applications to enable experienced engineers (I&C and mechanical) to perform effective troubleshooting & problem solving.

A control system retrofit or re-commissioning will improve gas turbine reliability, availability, performance & maintainability and will reduce gas turbine operation & maintenance costs.

Remote DLE mapping is a quick and cost effective way to perform corrective mappings on a DLE or DLN engine.

A hot section exchange on-site provides significant reductions in exchange costs and turnaround times compared to a hot section exchange at an engine overhaul depot.

Reduce human error in gas turbine operation & maintanance by predictive operation & maintenance support and by dedicated education & training.

Maintenance agreements enable gas turbine operators to reduce the amount of unscheduled stops and to reduce the total downtime of an engine.

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