///GE LMS100 gas turbine

GE LMS100 gas turbine

The LMS100 is a simple-cycle, three-shaft gas turbine that uses intercooling technology to increase power and efficiency. At more than 100 MW and 46% efficiency, the LMS100 provides the highest level of performance of any aeroderivative gas turbine today.

The LMS100 is derived from the CF6 family of aircraft engines.

Currently there are 60 units in operation, with more than 350,000 combined operating hours.

The first LMS100 engine entered commercial operation in July 2006. The LMS100 PB gas turbine uses Dry Low NOx (DLE) combustors. The first LMS100 PB unit entered commercial operation in 2013.

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The LMS100’s aeroderivative core and free power turbine allows operating flexibility not seen in any other gas turbine of its size. The part power efficiency of the LMS100 is greater than other aero-derivative gas turbines at maximum power. The modular design provides increased availability and the innovative cooling system increases power output.

LMS100 butterfly bleed air valves

Especially for the extra powerful LMS100 General Electric has developed a new generation of extra robust & reliable butterfly bleed air valves. Fall 2016 GE will announce in a service bulletin that these new ‘drop-in replacement’ valves will also become the OEM recommended bleed air valves for all other GE LM aeroderivative gas turbines. These new valves have been developed by and will be manufactured by Meggitt Whittaker Controls. VBR keeps a permanent stock of these OEM recommended GE LM bleed air valves and can supply them all over the world at very competitive prices. For further information about these valves please download the dedicated newsletter.

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For more information about Meggitt Whittaker Controls valves visit the dedicated www.meggittvalves.com website.

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