///GE LM5000 gas turbine

GE LM5000 gas turbine

The LM5000 was introduced in 1977 and used primarily for power generation and mechanical drive applications, delivering approx. 35 megawatts with 38% thermal efficiency.

The LM5000 gas turbine has been replaced with the newer LM6000 that has higher simple cycle output & efficiency. The LM6000 models also have higher reliability and availability levels than the previous LM5000 models.

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The GE LM5000 is a two rotor gas generator with an aerodynamically driven, three stage power turbine. There are approximately 70 GE LM5000s in service worldwide. Applications include combined cycle and cogeneration, as well as offshore oil platform power.

VBR Turbine Partners support the owners and operators of the LM5000 to realize an improved profitability and reduced total cost of ownership on their gas turbine operations.

Mechanical field service

Because of their age, especially LM5000 models require regular inspection, troubleshooting, problem solving and repair or replacement of defective parts to ensure ongoing effective operation. VBR Turbine Partners provides mechanical field service to improve the reliability, availability, performance & maintainability of the LM5000 in a cost-effective way.

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