///GE LM2500/+ gas turbine

GE LM2500/+ gas turbine

The LM2500/+ is the top selling aeroderivative gas turbine for over 40 years. It is ideal for onshore and offshore mechanical drive, in-plant power generation, pipeline, platform, marine propulsion and cogeneration / combined cycle applications.

The LM2500/+ series gas turbines serve a variety of operating applications in the oil and gas, power generation and process industry segments with 22 MW to 33 MW of power in simple cycle operation. It is one of the most reliable industrial gas turbines ever.

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The product family, which includes LM2500, LM2500+, and LM2500+G4 units, boasts over 2,100 units shipped and more than 75 million hours of operating experience. This unit is widely used in industrial applications like power generation and combined heat & power, onshore and offshore. Marine applications include propulsion of navy vessels, ferries and cruise ships.

Hot section exchange

The LM2500/+ gas turbine is extremely reliable and long lasting. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that at a certain point the hot section is no longer adequate and needs to be overhauled or replaced. Shutting down the operation and shipping the engine to a OEM licensed overhaul depot is very costly and time consuming. VBR Turbine Partners provide an alternative with our on-site hot section inspection and exchange services. Read more about cost-effective solutions at our Hot section exchange on-site page.

Emission reduction retrofits

Owners and operators of older non-DLE LM2500 gas turbines in Europe will soon need to apply some form of emission reduction retrofit to comply with the new NOx emission legislation of the European Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). For a LM2500/+ fitted with a properly dimensioned steam injection system, VBR provides the Cheng Low NOx (CLN) emission reduction retrofit as a cost-effective solution to comply with the IED.

Troubleshooting & problem solving

VBR Turbine Partners are a competence center for improving maintenance on General Electric LM2500/+ aero-derivative gas turbines. With our know-how, technical consultants and experienced engineers we can assess in a very effective way how to solve issues and disruptions with your engine as quickly as possible.

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