//Control system re-commissioning

Control system re-commissioning

Mature control systems or poorly commissioned new control systems are a serious constraint for reliable gas turbine operation. If a gas turbine repeatedly shows indefinable symptoms, a (re)commissioning of the gas turbine and its subsystems is recommended.

New control systems may also be a candidate for (re)commissioning, for example when an OEM delivers a new control system without proper commissioning, or as part of a total control system retrofit

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High reliability

VBR Turbines Partners are experts in the commissioning of new control systems and in the re-commissioning of mature or poorly commissioned new control systems. VBR performs a comprehensive Site Acceptance Test (SAT) during which all individual loops, sub-systems and all settings and functions of the control system are tested before the engine is started. This results in a very high reliability and avoids troubleshooting during the startup of the engine.

The (re)commissioning services provided by VBR are based on an established RAM project approach (RAM stands for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) and delivered in extensive cooperation & coordination with our customers.


Commissioning of new control systems and re-commissioning of mature or poorly commissioned new control systems will:

  • optimize gas turbine performance
  • improve gas turbine reliability & availability
  • improve gas turbine maintainability
  • reduce risk for failure and future need for troubleshooting
  • reduce gas turbine operation & maintenance costs.
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