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Meggitt Controls formerly known as Whittaker Controls is the OEM engineering company for aerospace and gas turbine valves. You will find Meggitt energy products in GE LM series, Rolls Royce and many other aero-derivative gas turbines. VBR Turbine Partners is the distributor for all new Meggitt Energy Products. At our location in Elst, VBR performs OEM & ATEX certified “back to zero hour” overhauls on Meggitt valves.

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About Meggitt & Whittaker Controls

Meggitt Controls is a well respected producer of gas turbine air flow control and fuel control valves. Many of these critical valves are used in General Electric (GE) and Rolls Royce (RR) aero-derivative gas turbines. Originally founded in 1942, Whittaker Controls has provided a wide range of innovative products for the aerospace industry and the industrial fluid control industry. In 1999 Whittaker Controls was acquired by the british aerospace engineering company Meggitt.

Meggitt Controls had a long and extensive experience with aircraft- and aero-derivative engine bleed air applications. They have also become a recognized authority on the development of robust air control valves for the harsh operating environments of industrial gas turbines.


The Meggitt Controls valves are of extremely quality achieved by smart engineering, aerospace proven designs utilising top class materials and extensive testing. VBR provides new Meggitt gas turbine control valves and valve upgrades directly to end users at a competitive prices. VBR is stockist of Meggitt Controls valves so response times and lead times are short. An overview of Meggitt’s innovative and cost-effective valve portfolio is presented at www.meggittvalves.com.

Next generation OEM recommended LM bleed air valves

In July & August 2016 GE had released a service bulletin & letter recommending replacement of existing 2.5″, 4” and 6″ Honeywell CDP, VSV and Thrust Balance valves on GE LM engines.  The OEM recommendation was the use of Meggitt butterfly bleed air valves for reasons of improved reliability.

These new OEM recommended Meggitt valves are fully interchangeable with your current Honeywell bleed air valves in form, fit & function and they fully comply with the OEM specifications on the flow versus stroke requirements.

Major Oil & Gas companies, power producers and process industries have already started valve exchange programs for their entire LM fleets.

All three types of the OEM recommended Meggitt valves are normally on stock at the VBR Turbine Partners warehouse in Elst for immediate availability to LM1600, LM2500/+, LM6000 and LMS100 owners and operators worldwide.

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VBR Turbine Partners

VBR is the exclusive OEM authorized distributor and overhaul facility for Meggitt Controls products in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. We supply new valves and perform OEM valve overhauls at our main office in Elst, the Netherlands.

Valve overhaul

All Meggitt Controls and valves are ATEX certified. VBR are the OEM authorized valve overhaul facility based in Europe. And when we deliver an overhaul, it comes with the required  ATEX certification still in place. VBR provides OEM overhauls on Meggitt valves that will bring them back to zero hour condition.

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Meggitt Valves Website

For more detailed information on Meggitt – Whitaker and Precision Engine Controls Corporation (PECC) products, you can visit a more dedicated website (also available in Russian).

Meggitt Valves Website
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