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Esterline Advanced Sensors was formerly known as Weston Aerospace who were based in Farnborough England. Esterline Advanced Sensors designes and manufactures temperature sensors, speed probes and pressure sensors for aviation and industrial applications. Esterline is an approved supplier to Rolls Royce (Siemens) and General Electric for critical gas turbine sensors and probes.

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Esterline Advanced Sensors

Esterline Advanced Sensors develops and manufactures temperature, speed and pressure sensors for aero-derivative industrial gas turbines.

Esterline Advanced Sensors is an approved supplier to General Electric and Rolls Royce for high quality gas turbine sensors and probes. Esterline Advanced Sensors are especially known for their calibrated Weston T4.8 thermocouples 1696M81P13. Due to their accuracy Esterline thermocouples enable gas turbine operators to improve the power output as they permit the engine to be run closer to manufacturer specifications.

With their constantly evolving Thermocouple and Total Air Temperature Sensor technologies, Esterline Advanced Sensors is the global market leader for temperature sensors. Their high-precision temperature and pressure sensors offer an extreme high reliability. Esterline sensors measure temperature of gas, fluids and surfaces, at an operating temperature range of -256°C to +780°C. Recent tests have indicated that even after 20.000 hours of operation the drift on the temperature sensors was minimal.


VBR Turbine Partners are the authorized distributors for Esterline sensors & probes in land based & marine General Electric and Rolls Royce gas turbines in Europe, Russia, Middle East & Africa.

VBR delivers Esterline Advanced Sensors for General Electric LM2500 & LM6000 and for Rolls Royce Olympus, RB211, Trent and other types.

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