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Aero Fluid Products is a high quality precision engineering and design excellence aerospace company. A division of the TransDigm Inc. and approved supplier to General Electric for gas turbine engine parts. Aero Fluid Products are the original manufacturer of gas check valves on GE LM6000 PB, PD & PF engines. VBR is supplier of AFP gas check valves such as L62774P01 for GE LM6000 PB, PD & PF DLE engines.

IMPORTANT! – Service bulletin LM6000-IND-0302

Service bulletin LM6000-IND-0302 dated July 28, 2014 recommends to install a full set of 15 Aero Fluid Products gas check valves in the fuel lines to prevent back flow of hot combustion gas and pressure into the C-manifold. This is a known problem in the fuel system of LM6000 PB, PD and PF engines.

The backflow of hot air in the gas manifold can cause issues within the manifold leading to braze joint separation. This can result in unsafe situations where gas can enter into the package. Other known effects are unplanned engine trips. As a result it is recommended in the service bulletin to carry out this upgrade at the first opportunity. This could be a next shutdown or periodic inspection at the latest.

VBR Turbine Partners can complete the work required by the service bulletin on-site normally in one working day.

Aerofluid Check Valve L21674P13

Check Valve L21674P13
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Aerofluid Check Valve L62774P01

Check Valve L62774P01
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Replacing a complete set of 15 check valves?

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Upgrade KIT 738L538G01

Operators can order the upgrade kit 738L538G01 as set out in the service bulletin and perform the upgrade at your own convenience. Or you can have VBR Turbine Partners’s field service team to perform this upgrade for you on-site.

KIT 738L538G01 contents:
GE Part number Description Quantity
L62774P01 Gas check valves 15 pcs
J1431P12 Loop clamp 30 pcs
J1092P04 Self-locking nut 15 pcs
MS9557-10 Machine bolt 15 pcs

Other high quality Aero Fluid Products check valves:

Check Valves for LM Applications
LM2500 LM2500 - LM5000 LM2500 - LM1600 LM6000
B1548-02-6 L34048P01 B1548-03-12 L21674P11 B1947-08 L35807P01 B5450-02 L62774P01
B1548-03-16 1332M27P01 B1548-04-10 L21674P13
B1549-04 L21785P06 B1548-04-12 L21674P14

VBR Turbine Partners is the authorized OEM distributor of

Aero Fluid Products gas check valves

Let VBR assist you to accomplish this service bulletin on your LM6000.

For any Aero Fluids Products inquiry, please contact us for price and availability.

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More information?

For further information about Aero Fluid Products (AFP) gas check valves, please contact us.

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