DECIDE: Smart & cyber secure remote optimization of Gas Turbine Operations & Maintenance

What is DECIDE?

Remote decision support for effective management of Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance from a long term perspective.

What does DECIDE do?

It delivers practical and easy to understand recommendations, dashboards & reports to accelerate & improve decision making in Gas Turbine plant management.

What is the purpose of DECIDE?

Improve engine uptime by preventing unscheduled engine stops & engine downtime.

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✓ More confidence entire operation

✓ Increasing plant safety

✓ Less risk of management liability

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Effective predictive maintenance is the key enabler for sustainable improvement of the profitability of any Gas Turbine operation.

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DECIDE – why did VBR develop it?

Two trends in Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance

1. Heavily increased focus on cost reduction in Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance driven by lower coal prices (compared to natural gas) and lower oil prices.

2. Less specialized & experienced Gas Turbine operators and maintenance engineers on site.

The right decisions at the right time

Effective predictive maintenance from an economic optimisation perspective an effective predictive maintenance intervention
should be scheduled:

  • Not too early;
  • Not too late;
  • At the best possible moment

✓ Higher Gas Turbine revenues

✓ Lower costs for O&M

✓ Reducing downtime during outages

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Data Driven Condition Based Maintenance supports our optimisation of GT revenues and optimisation of GT O&M costs (OPEX).

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The four process steps of DECIDE

1: Connect & collect all relevant engine data

• ISO 9001-2015 & ISA/IEC62443
• Designated safety act (QATT – Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology)
• EAL Certified (Evaluation Assurance Level)
• NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology)
• NERC-CIP (American Standard)
• NRC – (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
• NEI (Member of the Nuclear Energy Institute)

2: Automated analysis & intelligent diagnostics

Automated analysis & intelligent diagnostics to transform raw engine data into useful information & smart alarm management.

Acquired engine data are compared with the outcomes of a tailor made digital engine model to detect deviations from the ideal operation modus.

3: DECIDE remote decision support

Professional interpretation to draw conclusions from the information & insights gained.

Experienced VBR engineers draw conclusions from the enriched engine data, automated analysis and smart alarm management info.

4: Recommendations & Dasboards

Feedback to customers through a web portal with recommendations, easy to understand dashboards & periodic reports.

✓ Extension service intervals

✓ Reducing unscheduled outages

✓ Support available 24/7

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Download our DECIDE decision support presentation in a PDF-sheet

With DECIDE we can transform our Time or Condition Based maintenance into predictive Data Driven Condition Based Maintenance.

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