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What is DECIDE?

DECIDE is a remote decision support service for effective management of Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance.

What does DECIDE do for you?

It provides users and operators practical and easy to understand recommendations. This system delivers reports in a dashboard format enabeling accelerated and improved decision making in Gas Turbine plant management. DECIDE remotely compares actual data against data from a model in an optimal situation from a similar gas turbine under comparable conditions. VBR experts analyze key turbine parameters during operations compairing them against the model. In that way they are able to identify performance issues.

Control system performance issues?

VBR provides cost-effective solutions

Why did VBR develop DECIDE?

There are two major factors effecting Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance:

  • Increased focus on cost reduction in Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance
  • Less specialized and experienced Gas Turbine operators & maintenance engineers on site

DECIDE is developed to support Gas Turbine operators to accelerate and improve decision making and to reduce their Operation & Maintenance costs (OPEX)

What does DECIDE deliver?

  • Extension of service intervals through predictive engine health monitoring
  • Extension of total engine lifecycle
  • Lower fuel cost for required output (by improved engine efficiency)
  • Improved engine operation (by smart alarm management)
  • Reduction of scheduled and unscheduled outages
  • Reduced downtime during outages due to early identification of spares requirements
  • Reduction in on-site spare parts resulting in reduced CAPEX
  • Faster identification and assessement of performance degradation
  • Faster assessment of malfunctions
  • Faster root cause identification and rectification

What are the benefits of DECIDE?

  • Higher Gas Turbine revenues
  • Lower Gas Turbine Operation & Maintenance costs (OPEX)
  • Lowered CAPEX on spares
DECIDE by VBR Turbine Partners - Remote Controls Services

How does DECIDE work?

The four major process steps of DECIDE are:

  1. Connect and collect all relevant engine data
  2. Automated analysis and intelligent diagnostics to transform raw engine data into useful information & smart alarm management
  3. Professional interpretation by experienced VBR engineers based on actual data and model information
  4. Feedback to customers through our web portal with recommendations, easy to understand dashboards and periodic reports

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DECIDE by VBR - Digital Enhanced Control Intelligence for Decision making and Execution
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