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Working at VBR

VBR Turbine Partners are trusted suppliers of smart solutions, services and spare parts to end-users of gas turbines across the world.
Our technical and digital maintenance experts work in rapidly evolving global markets for natural and renewable resources, heat & energy.
Gas turbines will play an important role in the energy transition processes towards a carbon neutral society in 2050 and beyond.

VBR strives to realize outstanding performance and we will always aim to provide customer value beyond expectation.
Our company culture is a rare combination of an informal and friendly attitude with high standards of professionalism and ethics.
As an employer we encourage working in multi-disciplinary teams and we value everyone’s qualities and contributions.

Vacancies / Jobs / Vacatures

VBR Turbine Partners has positions for skilled technicians. If you have expierence, the right education and mind set then please feel free to contact us and apply for a career in gas turbine maintenance.

Office Jobs

Currently there are no open vacancies for office jobs at VBR Turbine Partners. If you are convinced that you are a good fit for us, sent an open application to

Technical Jobs

Field Service Engineer Mechanical

Field Service Engineer Mechanical

Are you the mechanical field service engineer who is internationally focussed, well organized, flexibel and creative in solving problems? Do you have a few years hands-on experience on LM gasturbines? Feel free to apply!

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Controls & Instrumentation Engineer

Controls & Instrumentation Engineer

VBR is always looking for well-qualified field service engineers with a couple of years hands-on experience on GE LM engines or on Woodward / Speedtronic control systems. And even if you don’t have direct experience, we encourage you to read on.

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Junior Field Service Engineer Mechanical

Junior Service Engineer Mechanical

Do you like to be in contact with customers and you don’t mind to travel?  Then there is only one thing you need to do, apply for the position of Junior Field Service Engineer Mechanical at VBR Turbine Partners.

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This vacancy is now filled, but feel free to send an open application.
Junior Field Service Engineer C&I

Junior Field Service Engineer C&I

Do you have a passion for advanced technology and do you see it as a challenge to solve complex faults in machinery and related systems? Then there is only one thing you need to do, apply for the position of Junior Field Service Engineer.

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This vacancy is now filled, but feel free to send an open application.

Other Jobs

You are invited to submit your application and curriculum at all times.

Jeroen van Veldhuizen – CEO

Why I would like you to join VBR Turbine Partners?

Since the inception of VBR we have had one goal; to be recognized as the turbine maintenance experts in our field.  The world we work in is a highly technical environment of Power Generation and the Oil and Gas industry. This industry makes use of a variety of gas turbines and we are specialized in the General Electric aero-derivative type of turbines. These turbines are directly derived from aircraft engines.

If you like high tech, this is the place to be; but wait there is more to that. If you like working internationally, with other cultures and team up with the best possible colleagues then VBR can be your employer.

We see our colleagues as the prime asset to being a world class service provider, relying on good back up from the home office will give you the best position to perform and excel in your field.

Amongst that we are also a social company where the individual plays an important role to the overall success of the company. I take great pride in people who always question what they do and why they do so. Only then can we get better and give our work substance. Here at VBR we try to live up to the following core values, day by day;

Jeroen van Veldhuizen - CEO VBR Turbine Partners

Passion and Pride; it brings a great smile on my face when I see colleagues taking great pride in their work and doing it every day with passion. These are the people we want and even more important: the ones we need!

Friendly and easy going, no difference exists between any level within the company, we all are colleagues en and yes we have different roles and responsibilities. Honesty and adding value is our claim to fame and the foremost reason companies like to do business with VBR. We say what we do and do what we say always trying to bring that extra bit to the customer. We always keep the moral compass tuned in.

Continuously Improve, our key to the future growth of VBR and therfore we need you!

If that is what you have to offer, I hope by now you understand why I want you to join VBR.

What is it like to work at VBR Turbine Partners?

Erik van Groningen

VBR is a pleasant employer for me because of the informal working atmosphere and organization structure. The activities that are regulary organized outside working hours ensure a close and pleasant team.

Erik - Field Service Coordinator, VBR Turbine Partners

From the day I joined VBR, I have found my colleagues to be very open and welcoming. Without exception, everybody is very helpful in answering any questions with an open door policy, where also, everybody’s input is valued and encouraged.

Clement - Field Service Engineer, VBR Turbine Partners
Jan Willem

VBR is a flat organisation with short reporting lines. We are encouraged to bring initiatives and new ideas. Therefore we have the opportunity to make a difference. It is nice to work in a powerful industry, including all the high end tooling.

Jan Willem - Overhaulshop Engineer, VBR Turbine Partners
Christian Czmok

I experienced VBR as a result- oriented customer- focused company. But beside heading every day for success, VBR still feels “family- like” to me. I enjoy the given flexibility and trust performing my job as a Consultancy Director.

Christian - Consultancy Director, VBR Turbine Partners

VBR is in full development. Thinking along and showing own initiative is highly appreciated. My job within VBR is very versatile and this is very important to me personally. No day is the same! Employees are professional and collegial. This makes it very enjoyable for me to go to work.

Leonie - Backoffice Sales, VBR Turbine Partners

Accredited Training Company

VBR Turbine Partners has the title of Accredited Training Company and we are proud of this accomplishment. As an accreddited training company we form a indispensable link between practice and education. We are delighted that we can contribute to the professionalization of our profession.

In collaboration with “Graafschap College” in Doetinchem the Netherlands we organize internships for students. During the internship we offer a learning environment for students to cooperate in our organization and learn to work independently on a graduation assignment.

Graafschap College