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About VBR

VBR Turbine Partners are technical maintenance improvement experts. We are active in the global markets of energy production. We are your one stop solution for your gas turbine spare parts, maintenance needs and performance optimisation.

At VBR Turbine Partners the team is dedicated to ensuring customer care remains our focus when dealing with spares and maintenance issues. Your operation is important to us and when you call, we ensure you will speak to someone who understands your gas turbine.

In order to ensure that we remain customer focussedwe listen out for your maintenance questions. To provide focus, we have defined a few basic starting points. These guidelines we have made our core values :

Our core values:

friendly and easy going

passion and pride

honesty and adding value

continuous improvement & sustainability

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VBR Turbine Partners are members of the following associations & industry networks: DGTA, ETN, WTUI and the Power-Gen Europe advisory board.

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Some popular downloads from the VBR Turbine Partners website: articles, brochures, conference presentations, guest lectures and our general terms & conditions of sale.

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VBR Turbine Partners pay the highest attention to all QSHE aspects related to the delivery of our maintenance solutions & services and to the supply of our gas turbine spare parts.

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