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VBR Turbine Partners

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VBR Turbine Partners is the independent operation & maintenance expert and established spare parts supplier for GE LM engines, control systems, auxiliary systems & packages. Our focus is on the LM1600, LM2500 and LM6000 Aero derivative gas turbines.


We enable gas turbine operators to increase engine uptime and reduce maintenance costs on their gas turbine operations. Our solutions: improving reliability, availability and performance, resulting in reduced operation and maintenance costs.

Our maintenance solutions

VBR Turbine Partners - Controls System Upgrades

Control system retrofits

A control system retrofit or re-commissioning will improve gas turbine reliability, availability, performance & maintainability and will reduce gas turbine operation & maintenance costs.

Control system retrofits
VBR Turbine Partners Gas Turbine Maintenance

Hot section exchange on-site

An on-site hot section exchange provides significant reductions in exchange costs and turnaround times. You have more control over what actions are taken to repair your engine.

Hot section exchange on-site

Service interval & life extension

Condition based maintenance strategies will extend the time between two service intervals and extend the total lifetime of the gas turbine.

Service interval & engine life extension
VBR Turbine Partners - Controls System Upgrades


Smart condition monitoring and data logging applications enable experienced controls and mechanical engineers to perform effective troubleshooting and problem solving.

Troubleshooting & problem solving

More maintenance solutions

VBR Turbine Partners provides a coherent portfolio of maintenance solutions to improve the reliability, availability and performance of your LM gas turbine. Our solutions cover all engine types: LM1600 LM2500 and LM6000 aero derivative gas turbines and their control systems, auxiliary systems and packages.

More maintenance solutions

Our expertise

Years of experience and in-depth knowledge of LM gas turbine maintenance is what sets VBR Turbine Partners apart. While it may be relatively easy to cure symptoms, it takes an expert to get to the root cause of problems. We combine all aspects of your gas turbine operations and offer comprehensive solutions that will reduce down time.

Competence development

Competence development of gas turbine operators & maintenance engineers is an effective way to reduce human error in gas turbine operation & maintenance.

Learn how training can lower your costs

Maintenance strategies

Different types of gas turbine operation require different kinds of maintenance strategies to ensure reliable and cost effective operation over time.

Proceed from reactive to proactive maintenance
More expertise

Other maintenance services

Besides our maintenance solutions and services we can assist with other aspects of your gas turbine operation. VBR Turbine Partners wants to be your one stop solution between two mayor overhauls when you have to send your engine to a depot.  Normally every 50.000 hours of operation.

Education & training

Reduce human error in gas turbine operation & maintenance by educating & training the operation & maintenance staff onsite.

Improve through our education and training programmes

Spare parts supply

A cost effective & reliable source for both critical and less critical gas turbine spare parts improves your gas turbine operation & maintenance over time.

Learn more about our strategic spare parts supply
Other maintenance services

Quality and safety

         Safety First, our core value”

VBR Turbine Partners has all essential qualifications and certifications in place to guarantee a safe delivery of our high quality gas turbine maintenance solutions and maintenance services.

VBR open education & training courses 2018

Jan. 22, 2018 – Jan. 26, 2018

VBR open Woodward Micronet training course rescheduled from October 2017

March 12, 2018 – March 16, 2018

Open LM2500 + G4 PGT25 + training course in Elst, The Netherlands

March 19, 2018 – March 23, 2018

Open LM6000 training course in Elst, The Netherlands

Upcoming conferences & exhibitions

VBR will participate in the following upcoming conferences & exhibitions:

Jan. 10, 2018 – Jan. 10, 2018

IRO New Year reception

New Year reception of the Durch Association of Suppliers to Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy

Jan. 18, 2018 – Jan. 18, 2018

AGM & New Year reception DGTA

AGM & New Year reception Dutch Gas Turbine Association

March 18, 2018 – March 21, 2018

WTUI is a membership organization of GE LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and LMS100 users, manufacturers, and suppliers.

VBR HQ - Industrieweg Oost 6 - Elst - Netherlands

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We look forward to provide you with further information about our dedicated capabilities for LM1600 LM2500/+ LM6000 gas turbines.

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