Maintenance improvement experts for General Electric GE LM1600, LM2500, LM5000 and LM6000

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Industrieweg Oost 6
6662 NE  Elst (Gld)
The Netherlands

Admin & finance :   +31 88 010 9010
Sales :                     +31 88 010 9030
Field service :         +31 88 010 9070
Consultancy :         +31 88 010 9080


Maintenance Services

VBR Turbine Partners provide a dedicated portfolio of maintenance services to improve the reliability, availability, performance & maintainability of LM1600 LM2500/+ LM6000 gas turbines and their control systems, auxiliary systems & packages.

Condition monitoring

Extending maintenance service intervals for cost reduction purposes requires reliable information about the condition of the engine, its control system & instrumentation and the auxiliary systems.

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Controls & instrumentation field service

Improve gas turbine reliability in a sustainable way by retrofitting obsolete control systems and by re-commissioning poorly commissioned new control systems.

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Education & training

Reduce human error in gas turbine operation & maintenance by educating & training the operation & maintenance staff onsite.

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Mechanical field service

Well trained and experienced mechanical maintenance engineers will reduce total engine downtime in case of a scheduled or unscheduled stop.

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Overhaul consultancy

Independent engine overhaul consultants enable gas turbine owners to achieve the best possible price-to-performance ratio on the overhaul of their engines.

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Spare parts supply

A cost effective & reliable source for both critical and less critical gas turbine spare parts improves your gas turbine operation & maintenance over time.

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