Maintenance improvement experts for General Electric GE LM1600, LM2500, LM5000 and LM6000

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Gas turbine troubleshooting

Apply smart condition monitoring & data logging applications to enable experienced engineers (I&C and mechanical) to perform effective troubleshooting & problem solving.

Our smart remote solutions and our very experienced field service engineers can keep your maintenance costs under control.


Need more effective maintenance?

VBR provides fast and cost-effective solutions

Competence center

VBR Turbine Partners are a competence center for the maintenance improvement of General Electric LM1600, LM2500(+) & LM6000 aero-derivative gas turbines. 

With our knowledge & capabilities and with our dedicated team of experienced mechanical engineers, I&C engineers, technical experts and specialized consultants we can assess in an effective way how to solve your disruptions as quickly as possible. 

VBR Turbine Partners provide 2 main options for gas turbine troubleshooting & problem solving:

We can be a reliable partner for gas turbine troubleshooting & problem solving by combining smart remote solutions with scheduled and unscheduled site visits by our very experienced field service engineers. 

Remote monitoring & control

When an engine trips or when the instruments show an uncommon series of alarms or display unreliable data it is hard to quickly determine the cause of these issues. VBR uses remote monitoring & control to predict and prevent future failures of LM gas turbines. When a problem should occur a quick analysis of the data gathered by the remote monitoring & control application can help to determine the cause of problems and to solve them in one of following ways:

  • on-line by making adjustments in the control system of the gas turbine
  • on-site by instructing the operator (if not too complex and only on-site stock parts are needed)
  • on-site by preparing our highly skilled field service engineers for a very effective intervention.

For more information about our remote services, please see RAPID remote maintenance support.

On-site support

VBR provides on-site LM gas turbine troubleshooting and problem solving. Our experienced service engineers have extensive knowledge about real-life engine problems and engine control operations. They are equipped with a comprehensive kit of tools and replacement parts to enable them to solve problems as quickly as possible, thus avoiding unnecessary downtime.

For more information about our on-site problem solving, please see Inspection, repair and replacement.


VBR offers a range of services targeted to optimize maintenance and to prevent disruptions. These services help to reduce the risk finding yourself in acute need of troubleshooting. Our maintenance agreements provide you not only with priority service response, but also with a customized and balanced set of services for proactive protection from failures, errors, and other disruptions.

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For further information about gas turbine troubleshooting & problem solving please contact us.

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