Maintenance improvement experts for General Electric GE LM1600, LM2500, LM5000 and LM6000

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Industrieweg Oost 6
6662 NE  Elst (Gld)
The Netherlands

Admin & finance :   +31 88 010 9010
Sales :                     +31 88 010 9030
Field service :         +31 88 010 9070
Consultancy :         +31 88 010 9080

RAPID remote operation support


VBR Turbine Partners are maintenance experts for GE LM1600 LM2500/+ LM6000 aero-derivative gas turbines and their control systems, auxiliary systems and packages.

Competence development

Competence development of gas turbine operators & maintenance engineers is an effective way to reduce human error in gas turbine operation & maintenance.

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Our consultancy services enable gas turbine owners to reduce their day-to-day operation & maintenance costs and to reduce their recurring engine overhaul costs.

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Control system (re)commissioning

Poorly commissioned control systems are a serious constraint for reliable gas turbine operation. When a gas turbine shows indefinable symptoms or false alarms a recommissioning of the control system is recommended.

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Our helpdesk support ensures quick & easy access to VBR know-how, experience & capabilities for the gas turbine operators and maintenance engineers of our customers.

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Maintenance strategies

Different types of gas turbine operation require different kinds of maintenance strategies to ensure reliable and cost effective operation over time.

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